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About KuneKunes

KuneKunes are so much fun.  They are funny, cute, sweet and very affectionate.  Their personalities are a lot like a dog.  They get along wonderful with other animals.  At night, they put themselves to bed when the sun goes down just like chickens.

We offer our kunekunes a variety in their diet.  They are known for orchard clean up but they are a grass fed breed of pig.   We let ours free range in our hobby orchard.  They love the fruit that drop from the trees.

They are a small breed; females get to around 150 lb. and males get to around 250 lb.

History of the Breed

This breed was originally located in New Zealand.  However, in the 1970's this breed was almost gone.  Two wildlifer's got together in New Zealand and rounded up all the KuneKunes they could to start a recovery effort.  They had a difficult time finding 18 to start the recovery program.  Now the breed is very popular in several countries and no more are they in danger of non-existence. It is important to preserve this breed for future generations.  

KuneKune Registries

American KuneKune Pig Society

British KuneKune Pig Society